The Amplifier Newspaper

The Amplifier

A voice for social change


The Amplifier exists to give voice and economic opportunity to those living beyond the margins of our community and to address the social issues that affect them.

Redeeming Hope Ministries is pleased to announce the launch of The Amplifier, Knoxville's first street paper.  The Amplifier will be available for $1 from vendors stationed through the city and can be found daily at the following locations: downtown on Gay Street and on Market Square; in the Old City at Central and Jackson; and on campus at Cumberland and Seventeenth and other locations to be determined.

Street papers are currently printed in more than 25 cities in North America and in 40 countries worldwide.

The Amplifier is a member of the North American Street Newspaper Association. 

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The Amplifier, will feature articles, poems and artwork primarily written or produced by local homeless and transient persons and distributed by homeless vendors. Street paper publications build a bridge between the very poor and the wider public by helping people to understand the issues and the personal stories of those on the lowest rung of the economic ladder. Accordingly, the paper will not only provide personal stories and tales by those among us who find themselves homeless, but will also explore social justice issues, local politics related to homelessness and poverty in detail by local, national and international columnists.


The Amplifier will be distributed by ‘vendors’ from Knoxville’s homeless community along with the formerly homeless.  Each vendor will be asked for 25 cents per copy, and then offer each paper to the public for a suggested donation of $1.00, earning the balance.  Our vendors will distribute The Amplifier on public property only, exercising 1st Amendment rights.

The Team
With a lot of hard work,

many hours, unrelenting dedication and the only compensation being the satisfaction of knowing that something very meaningful is being created...


             Publisher Eddie Young                                      Managing Editor Lauren Dunn


      Art Direction/Design/Layout Tony Long                    Vendor Coordinator Michael Davis


    Copy Editor/Content Coordinator Sarah Clark           Photography/Layout Holly Rainey


   Media Relations R. Bentley Marlow                       Website Assitance Chelsea Knotts




The estimated cost to produce The Amplifier falls between $600.00 and $1,000.00 per month, depending upon the volume of printing, the fluctuating costs of printing and vendor/office expenses.

The Amplifier will be sustained by donations and advertisement sales only.  All funds generated will be reinvested into the production and improvements of the paper, the enhancement of our vendor’s experience, internal support for RHM, and the potential for modest staff compensation.