Mayor Rogero Seeks Input on Draft Homelessness Plan

Posted on Jan 18, 2014

January 2, 2014 - Mayor Madeline Rogero today announced that she is seeking public input
on a newly released draft plan to address homelessness in the City of Knoxville. The draft is
available for public review and comment on the City's website, at

Comments will be accepted for 45 days, so that they may be considered before finalizing the new homelessness plan. Comments can be sent to Michael Dunthorn of the City's Office on Homelessness at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

To create the plan, Mayor Rogero convened a new Mayor's Roundtable on Homelessness, bringing together the executive leadership of agencies, ministries and organizations that provide services, shelter and housing for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in Knoxville. The mayor and City staff then worked with the Roundtable's members to pull together strategies, public input and federal resources and requirements into a plan that makes sense for Knoxville.

"Homelessness is a complicated issue, and effective responses require collaboration among many different partners," Mayor Rogero said. "This plan is not a solution to any single problem. It is a framework that we will use to coordinate efforts to address both short-term and long-term challenges for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless."

This new plan draws from priorities established through the Compassion Knoxville public input process in 2011, from the successful components of the previous homelessness plan, and from the priorities and requirements established by federal initiatives on homelessness. The Compassion Knoxville process gathered input from more than 500 individuals through 43 public meetings and online comments.

The plan focuses on preventing homelessness and helping those who have become homeless find stable, permanent housing, so that they can reconnect with and contribute back to the community. Its strategies emphasize collaboration and accountability for all partners in the effort, from homeless individuals to service agencies and local government. The new plan is comprehensive, addressing the needs of not only the chronically homeless, but also other populations facing this issue, including military veterans, families with children, the elderly and others. The plan challenges the Knoxville community to not only meet immediate needs, but also to focus on long-term solutions that solve difficult problems, rather than just react to them.

Implementation of the plan will be coordinated by the Office on Homelessness, a part of the City of Knoxville's Department of Community Development.
The plan centers on five main strategies to address homelessness, and further breaks those down into numerous action steps to be taken in both the near and longer terms. Successes and challenges in implementing the plan will be regularly reported back to the community. The framework of the plan is also structured to provide ongoing feedback and input to the Office on Homelessness, so that the plan may be continuously updated as objectives are achieved and new challenges arise.

The City will conduct a public input session on at 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 11th at the Cansler Family YMCA, 616 Jessamine St. A City Council workshop on the proposed plan will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 27th in the Main Assembly Room of the City County Building.

The Amplifier Launches in Chattanooga!

Posted on Sep 27, 2013

        The city of Chattanooga has a street paper!

Street papers are operating in cities all across North America and Europe and this month all four major cities in Tennessee will have a street paper in operation,

Nashville’s The Contributor,

Knoxville’s The Amplifier,

Memphis has just released The Bridge,

and this month The Amplifier launches it’s Chattanooga edition.

The Amplifier is a publication of Redeeming Hope Ministries, a non-profit organization that works for the holistic transformation of the marginalized and homeless in our communities and the Amplifier is our primary tool for advocacy. When we launched the paper, three years ago this November, we called our paper The Amplifier because we believed that the homeless already had a voice, they didn’t need us to give it to them, but that it needed to be heard.

The Amplifier is a proud member of NASNA, the North American Street Newspaper Association, who’s mission is to exist to support and cultivate an effective, self-sustaining street newspaper network that promotes power and opportunity for people living in poverty. In addition to promoting opportunity to the homeless representative through whom you bought this paper, we also exist to break down the myths and stereotypes that we in the mainstream often perpetuate about the homeless through both education and the human element.

Early this year, we cast the vision for taking on a more regional approach in our advocacy work through The Amplifier by collaborating with The Tennessee Valley Coalition to End Homelessness. Through this partnership, we can highlight the extent and effects of homelessness in the surrounding counties of the Tennessee Valley – Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Claiborne, Cocke, Grainger, Hamblin, Jefferson, Loudon, Monroe, Sevier and Union.

We often think of homelessness as an urban issue, where it tends to have a more visible presence, but TVCEH is raising awareness of it’s prevalence and complexion among our surrounding counties. In our work to end homelessness, it is vital that we become increasingly aware that the issue is not confined to the urban areas where most of our current readers live and work, but homelessness is a growing epidemic that extends far beyond the downtown missions and overpasses.

It is equally vital that our partners in providing services to the homeless in our surrounding counties gain ground in the recognition and support that they need to carry on their work. As The Amplifier makes it’s way out into the Tennessee Valley served by TVCEH, we hope to bolster the support for these providers in order that more of those experiencing homelessness across these counties are aware of the local resources available to them.

As we extend our advocacy reach out into the Tennessee Valley, we now also bring the work to Chattanooga. To be clear, this is not a Knoxville paper moving into Chattanooga. Chattanooga will have our own paper that addresses the homelessness issues that are unique to our city through content generated by the local community here.  Homelessness doesn’t look the same in every community. Each city will have unique contributing factors, challenges and accessible resources.

Every city or community will also approach the issue in a unique way – usually shaped by the consensus of the members of that community’s education on the issue and consideration for those who are subjected to it. Homelessness in Knoxville, Chattanooga and the counties and cities surrounding us will however share in our common East Tennessee regional context and we believe that the more connected we can become, the more success we are likely to have.

In exchange for a suggested donation of one dollar, you will have monthly access to the personal stories and writings of the homeless and formerly homeless who call Chattanooga home.

Our homeless representatives keep all of whatever donation you give to them as their personal earnings and restock from us at three papers for one dollar, (their contribution back to the program to cover printing costs). You will also learn about the global, national and regional issues that effect them and often keep them in homelessness. We believe that as you become exposed to the lives and the issues, you will gain a greater appreciation and sensitivity that can lead to a positive turn in public posture and policy that can eventually put a stop to this runaway train.

Each month, The Amplifier will highlight those in our city who are making a difference in the lives of the homeless – individuals, public leaders, service providers and other organizations. And we will also look to hold accountable those who individually or systemically continue to exploit and oppress those experiencing radical poverty and homelessness.

The Amplifier also covers food justice issues. One of the great, often unspoken, forms of oppression that the homeless, and low- and moderate-income communities suffer through is the lack of access to healthy food. Food justice asserts that no one should live without enough food because of economic constraints or social inequalities. 

Food justice reframes the lack of healthy food sources in poor communities as a human rights issue.  Food justice also draws off of historical grassroots movements and organizing traditions such as those developed by the civil rights movement and the environmental justice movement. 

The food justice movement is a different approach to a community’s needs that seeks to truly advance self reliance and social justice by placing communities in leadership of their own solutions and providing them with the tools to address the disparities within our food systems and within society at large.

The Amplifier is growing and expanding, but our real vision for the future is an East Tennessee region that has no need of homeless street papers, a region where all of our neighbors can pursue and realize the wholeness and wellness of life that many of us take for granted. The Amplifier turns three years old in November and we are as committed to that vision today as we have ever been. The things that we publish may not always be popularly “appetizing” or warm and feel-good, but we will always share the position of those experiencing homelessness. It’s time for the voices of the homeless in the great city of Chattanooga to be heard. And The Amplifier is honored to provide the space.

John LaMacchia Races for the Homeless

Posted on May 22, 2013

Hope for our Homeless

Our very good friend John LaMacchia ia competing in the Tennessee Senior Olympic Championship 5K Time Trial to raise awareness and funds for Redeeming Hope! The event is called Hope for our Homeless. Read the article from the Amplifier below to learn more about John. Watch for more updates soon, but until then you can give support by going to our giving page and and typing in the words, "Cheer Donation" as we cheer John on!

About John LaMacchia

John is 55 years old, and lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife Ann. They have been married for 31 years, having met at The Ohio State University in 1977. They have three sons, all three of whom are college graduates. Being an avid cyclist for 41 years, John continues an active cycling lifestyle that includes Greenway riding with his wife, rides with friends, and some road racing.

John's Article in the Amplifier

“I’ve always loved to ride my bicycle. Growing up in Northern Ohio, the roads were flat at 90 degree angles. I can’t remember one time I got lost riding my 3-speed Schwinn around my hometown on those hot, humid summer days. I think I was around 14 years old when my parents gave me a choice. ‘You can keep your horse or we can buy you a new bicycle.’ Hmmm. Now I loved my horse, “Sonny”. But, having a new found freedom on a bicycle, I opted for the later. Christmas day, that year, my father carried into the house a brand new bicycle. I was elated and inspired.

Over the past 41 years, I’ve ridden thousands of miles, with my wife, pulling my young sons in a pull-behind bike trailer, riding across the United States (3400 miles), and passing my love of cycling on to my youngest son Michael. My bicycle has added many gifts and blessings to my life.

Most recently, I’ve discovered the Senior Olympics. “Senior Olympics”, I thought... isn’t that for real old people who can barely move and earn, at best, snickers at their pathetic attempts to look athletic? In my pride, I thought so, until I began to investigate.

The Tennessee State Championship 5K Cycling Time Trial is being held on June 22 of this year. There will be three age categories. In 2012, the winning time in my age group was 7:45. Of all three categories, the fastest time was 6:53; an average speed of 27 mph! In comparison, a professional bicycle racer averages 31 mph! Slow seniors? Hardly.

I’ve signed up for this event. Why? At 55 years old, I could crash and be injured. I could have a heart attack. I can listen to the skeptics say, ‘You’re too old. Shouldn’t you just attempt more passive activities?’ or ‘Aren’t you just experiencing a mid-life crisis?’   

Well, maybe to all. Yet...

I ride because I can. I ride thinking of all those who can’t, so I ride for them. I ride for my mother who passed away at age 52 from a heart attack. I ride for my brother Chris, who’s body was devastated by spinal meningitis, passed away at age 16 and who never rode a bike once. I ride for my future grandchildren as an example to them and to pull them in the same bike trailer, falling asleep with the wind in their faces!

 I also ride to inspire you to get out there and swim, cycle, run, or move any way you can...for a brighter future, better health, and more joy-filled days.

With the help of several sponsors including Bearden Bike and Trail, I’m going to Franklin, TN on June 22nd to win a gold medal. Not silver or bronze. Why bother for anything less? Gold is gold. If I medal on that day, I will qualify to go to the Senior Olympic National Championships in the summer of 2014. Why? Because I can, it’s fun, and the challenge is there before me.

Pick your challenge, and meet it with courage. Meet it with strength. It’s better to look back on life when you are 100 years old and say: “I can’t believe I did that.” Instead of saying “I wish I did that.”

You can do it, so start today!


Eddie Young in Metro Pulse

Posted on Dec 31, 2011

Read the Story!

Our very own Eddie Young was named one of the 10 most fascinating Knoxvillians featured this past year in the Metro Pulse. Check out the story online with the following link:

10 Fascinating Knoxvillians of 2011

And this is the link to the original story published in October:

Pastor Eddie Young Helping Homeless Here and Now

Running with Hope Results

Posted on Nov 16, 2011

Thanks for coming out and supporting RHM!

It was a beautifully chilly Saturday morning, and hundred of people gathered in Circle Park on UT's campus to stretch their legs and promote Redeeming Hope Ministries. We thank you all for your support! The results, provided by the Knoxville Track Club, are below. Find out how speedy you were!

Redeeming Hope Ministries presents the Running for Hope 5k

          The University of Tennessee November 12, 2011 9:00 A.M.
                       Weather: Sunny & 40 degrees
        NUMBER REGISTERED: 255        NUMBER OF FINISHERS: 169     
 Sponsors: Haslam Scholars Program @ UTK, URHC, RoadID, Fleet Feet Sports,
            UT Bookstore, Knoxville Track Club, borderland tees


    1     1   16:44 Aaron Johnson                   20 Knoxville       TN
    2     2   16:53 Ed Wright                       39 Oak Ridge       TN
    3     3   17:07 Geoffrey Martin                 28                   


    1     9   20:22 Elizabeth Tiller                21                   
    2    10   20:55 Phoebe Fogelman                 17                   
    3    14   21:40 Nicole Rammer                   20                   

MALE  AGE GROUP:   1 - 10

MALE  AGE GROUP:   11 - 15

    1    12   21:03 Austin Hoag                     13                   
    2    77   28:41 Ajay Smith                      11 Morristown      TN

MALE  AGE GROUP:   16 - 20

    1     4   17:55 David Proffitt                  18                   
    2     5   18:36 Desta Bume                      19                   
    3     6   19:50 Chris Ludtka                    18                   
    4     7   19:52 Patrick Wells                   20                   
    5    17   21:55 Robert Patton                   20 Knoxville       TN
    6    19   22:12 Hunter Klein                    19                   
    7    23   23:10 Matthew Waldrep                 18                   
    8    25   23:31 Kevin Gayler                    20                   
    9    26   23:31 Austin Martin                   18                   
   10    27   23:37 Austin Love                     18                   
   11    29   23:46 Alex Oakley                     19                   
   12    32   24:06 Conor O'Dell                    18 Collierville    TN
   13    34   24:17 Marcus Allen                    18                   
   14    39   25:14 Niaz Uddin                      18                   
   15    43   25:40 Cayce Davis                     19                   
   16    44   25:43 Greyson Dickey                  20 Knoxville       TN
   17    51   26:09 James Canestrari                19                   
   18    52   26:16 Ryan O'Neal                     18 Cotontown       TN
   19    58   26:48 Marshall Newman                 19 McKenzie        TN
   20    59   26:49 Alex Perhac                     20                   
   21    62   27:14 David Pollo                     20 Knoxville       TN
   22    64   27:19 Benjamin Hamilton               19                   
   23    66   27:26 Hunter Herrin                   20 McKenzie        TN
   24    70   27:50 Mark Remec                      19                   
   25    75   28:21 Jeremy Wooten                   19                   
   26    92   30:16 Sam Crenshaw                    20                   
   27    98   30:46 Tyler McBride                   19                   
   28   105   31:10 Noah Linwood                    20 Knoxville       TN
   29   108   31:22 Lewis Williams                  20                   
   30   115   32:31 Sam Jackson                     19                   
   31   131   33:35 Grayson Hunley                  18                   
   32   158   42:12 Samuel Goddard                  20 Knoxville       TN

MALE  AGE GROUP:   21 - 25

    1     8   20:13 Aaron Stout                     23                   
    2    20   22:42 Seth Campbell                   22 Knoxville       TN
    3    21   23:05 Robert Wise                     23                   
    4    22   23:05 Weston Duke                     21                   
    5    24   23:11 Anthony Batts                   21                   
    6    36   24:48 Kevin Maxwell                   23                   
    7    45   25:44 Kaliv Parker                    21 Knoxville       TN
    8    49   26:03 Robert Ballow                   24                   
    9   103   30:51 Richard Gibson                  21                   

MALE  AGE GROUP:   26 - 30

    1    41   25:27 Blake Etheridge                 29                   
    2    63   27:15 William Rohr                    28                   
    3    72   28:03 Zhenke -Kevin- Teng             30 Knoxville       TN
    4   100   30:49 Andrew Wefdman                  29 Knoxville       TN
    5   162   43:10 Rajesh Jena                     26                   

MALE  AGE GROUP:   31 - 35

    1    11   20:55 Mark Vanderlip                  35 Maryville       TN
    2    13   21:24 Frank Hilker                    35                   
    3    15   21:43 Eric Martin                     33                   
    4    42   25:35 Luis Caicedo                    34                   
    5   149   37:01 Ray Trejo                       35                   

MALE  AGE GROUP:   36 - 40

MALE  AGE GROUP:   41 - 45

    1    30   23:58 Jeffrey Long                    45 Knoxville       TN
    2   143   35:08 Brian Shupe                     42                   
    3   145   35:43 Randy Small                     44 Alcoa           TN
    4   163   43:23 John Lowery                     42                   
    5   164   43:23 Joel Reed                       43                   

MALE  AGE GROUP:   46 - 50

    1    81   29:20 Paul Hahn                       49 Knoxville       TN
    2    87   29:55 Cliff Lawson                    46 Harrodsburg     KY
    3   119   32:44 Steven Dandaneau                47                   

MALE  AGE GROUP:   51 - 55

    1    16   21:49 Steven Prince                   54 Knoxville       TN
    2    57   26:39 Sam Giles                       54 Knoxville         
    3    84   29:41 Kenneth Moore                   51 Knoxville       TN
    4    88   29:56 Darrell Oakley                  51                   

MALE  AGE GROUP:   56 - 60

MALE  AGE GROUP:   61 - 99

    1    50   26:07 Joe Cordero                     73 Morristown      TN
    2   142   34:57 Rog Hollingsworth               77                   
    3   157   42:12 Jim Goddard                     62 Straw Plains    TN


    1    89   29:58 Marley Cate Harriman            10 Knoxville       TN

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   11 - 15

    1    46   25:51 Sara Woods                      13 Knoxville       TN
    2    47   25:52 Monet Harriman                  11 Knoxville       TN
    3   102   30:51 Brooke Lawson                   15 Harrodsburg     KY
    4   167   47:41 Caroline Conley                 15                   

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   16 - 20

    1    28   23:37 Allison Ruff                    20                   
    2    35   24:26 Diane Ruff                      18                   
    3    38   25:03 Anna Eldreth                    19                   
    4    40   25:16 Jocelyn Hofstra                 18                   
    5    48   26:02 Tammara Garrett                 19                   
    6    53   26:16 Alexis Adams                    20 Sevierville     TN
    7    55   26:35 Suzanne Lamb                    19                   
    8    56   26:36 Leah Giles                      20 Knoxville         
    9    60   26:50 Sarah Witherspoon               19                   
   10    73   28:05 Kelsey Aquadro                  20                   
   11    79   29:04 Mathison Williams               20                   
   12    82   29:21 Victoria Anderson               19                   
   13    93   30:17 Allison Grant                   19                   
   14    97   30:46 Rachel Apelt                    19                   
   15   104   30:52 Victoria Knight                 19 Knoxville       TN
   16   106   31:16 Mary Carnes                     20                   
   17   109   31:25 Chloe Lovelace                  18                   
   18   110   31:25 Nicky Hackenbrack               18                   
   19   112   31:56 Haley Richmond                  19                   
   20   116   32:32 Morgan Meadows                  18                   
   21   120   32:46 Georganna Greene                18                   
   22   122   32:48 Madison White                   20                 TN
   23   123   32:52 Devin Bledsoe                   20                   
   24   125   32:57 Mattie Goostree                 19 Nolensville     TN
   25   126   33:02 Allison Vargo                   18                   
   26   128   33:24 Stephanie Hoke                  18                   
   27   130   33:33 Loren Lee                       17                   
   28   133   33:36 Katy Robinson                   17 Knoxville       TN
   29   136   34:13 Emily Threadgill                19                   
   30   137   34:15 Coleen O'Leary                  18                   
   31   138   34:15 Abigail Wood                    18                   
   32   147   36:39 Lydia Midgley                   18                   
   33   148   36:40 Jordan Bennett                  18                   
   34   153   40:34 Jessica Welch                   20                   
   35   154   40:44 Elise Placher                   18                   
   36   155   40:44 Rebecca Rayder                  18                   
   37   166   47:41 Erin Conley                     18                   

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   21 - 25

    1    33   24:15 Buki Baruwa                     24                   
    2    37   24:50 Jena' Murphy                    23                   
    3    67   27:27 Allix Bullock                   21                   
    4    68   27:29 Bethany Bennett                 21                   
    5    69   27:48 Katie Downey                    23                   
    6    71   27:57 Samantha Henley                 21                   
    7    74   28:07 Megan Klipfel                   24                   
    8    76   28:34 Hanna Reeves                    23                   
    9    78   29:02 Marissa Landis                  21 Knoxville       TN
   10    86   29:49 Mary Beth Smith                 22 Knoxville       TN
   11    91   30:11 Ande Kloss                      22                   
   12    94   30:20 Brianne Gibson                  23                   
   13    96   30:38 Caity Stout                     21                   
   14    99   30:49 Meagan Dennison                 24                   
   15   101   30:50 Sarah Maxwell                   21                   
   16   107   31:21 Jordan Burner                   21                   
   17   111   31:33 Ashleigh Disler                 21                   
   18   113   32:03 Carly Perry                     21                   
   19   114   32:31 Rebecca Messer                  23                   
   20   117   32:37 Lauren Stephens                 21                   
   21   118   32:38 Melanie Peggs                   24                   
   22   121   32:47 Kristin Turmel                  21 Knoxville       TN
   23   124   32:56 Leslie Reynolds                 21 High Point      NC
   24   127   33:21 Allison Calfee                  21 Knoxville       TN
   25   129   33:30 Patricia Dimatteo               21                   
   26   132   33:36 Wei Chen                        24                   
   27   141   34:39 Kati Zook                       21                   
   28   150   37:19 Ashley Jordan                   23 Knoxville       TN
   29   151   37:19 Cheyenne Summers                21 Knoxville       TN
   30   159   43:01 Rebekah Freed                   21                   
   31   160   43:02 Amanda McIntyre                 21                   
   32   161   43:09 Lindsey Barnard                 21 Knoxville       TN

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   26 - 30

    1    31   24:04 Julie Tyler                     30                   
    2    65   27:24 Grazia Todeschini               30                   
    3    90   30:03 Ashley Golden                   26                   
    4   135   34:04 Jessica Shafer                  28 Knoxville       TN
    5   140   34:24 Maneesha Mohan                  26                   
    6   168   48:01 Lisa Trent                      30 Morristown      TN

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   31 - 35

    1    85   29:41 Beth Floyd                      33 Knoxville       TN
    2   139   34:21 Sara Dunkel                     31 Andersonville   TN

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   36 - 40

    1    54   26:20 Kelly Mann                      36 Knoxville       TN
    2    61   27:11 Kim Spangler                    40                   
    3    95   30:22 Jennifer Ownby                  36                   

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   41 - 45

    1    18   22:11 Marsha Morton                   45 Lafollette      TN
    2   146   35:54 Sarah Small                     45 Alcoa           TN

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   46 - 50

    1    80   29:18 Fran Hahn                       49 Knoxville       TN
    2   134   33:48 Lisa Oakley                     48                   

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   51 - 55

    1   144   35:25 Linda Conley                    51                   
    2   165   44:24 Cindy Krebs                     53 Bean Station    TN
    3   169   48:20 Lori Young                      52                   

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   56 - 60

    1   152   37:23 Mary Leituaker                  57 Knoxville       TN
    2   156   41:24 Nancy Williams                  56 Johnson City    TN

FEMALE  AGE GROUP:   61 - 99

    1    83   29:33 Jo Lay                          73

Welcome Casey Littell

Posted on Oct 22, 2011

Food in The Fort welcomes our newest addition...

Casey Littell introduces "Dish on a Dime"

Casey Littell moved to Knoxville, TN in 1997 to attend the University of Tennessee and liked it so much that she just stuck around. She has worked in many diverse industries, but always comes back to cooking.  It's what she does best!  Casey is the owner of Hot Mama Soup, a gourmet soup delivery service here in Knoxville, and is active with Slow Food Knoxville.

Dish on a Dime is intended to help you make a delicious, healthy meal without a lot of time, money or fancy equipment involved.  In each issue you will find a new recipe, complete with cost per item and cost per serving, that includes lots of wholesome ingredients that you can make with basic kitchen tools.

You can watch Casey's demonstrations each 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 9.30 a.m. at Food in The Fort
Also, look for Casey's recipes to appear monthly in The Amplifier!

Homeless Running Club

Posted on May 23, 2011

Starting in June, Chelsea Knotts will be leading a running group including many homeless friends. The purpose of this group is to reach out to those in need by contributing to their overall welfare and by creating a body of people of which they feel they can be a part. Chelsea also has a goal for the people with which she'll be running: to train them for an upcoming 5K run during homecoming in the fall.

The funds raised from this race will go to benefit Redeeming Hope Ministries. Chelsea feels that this goal is worthwhile because it encourages those in the running group to race for their own cause. After the race, the hope is that more goals will be established in running and in other areas of life.

Interested in donating time, resources or running?  Want to know more?

contact Chelsea Young at

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Homeless Voter Registration Drive -  Join Us!

Posted on May 05, 2011


Redeeming Hope is initiating a Voter Registration Drive among our Homeless community

We belive that this year's Knoxville mayoral election is crucial in regards to Knoxville and

Knox county's commitment to developing a plan to end homelessness that has at it's core

the best interest of the homeless community at heart.


Our intent is to educate the homeless community on where the mayoral candidates stand

on issues that will directly effect them.  For example:  which candidates believe that your

having a home is an inalienable human right?  Or which candidates will continue to push

for permanent supportive housing as a key component of the plan.

Want to volunteer?  Want to know more?

contact Eddie Young at

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Help support us… you can purchase an Amplifier T Shirt

Posted on May 05, 2011

Purchase an Amplifier T Shirt and show your support!


Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

Availabe sizes:  S, M, L, XL, XXL


The very same T Shirt that you'll see our vendors wearing can be yours...


To Order:

Simply proceed to "Make A Donation Now"

enter your size and mailing address in the "special instructions for seller" box

Don't do PayPal?

Just send you check or money order to:

Redeeming Hope Ministries

1642 Highland Ave

Knoxville, TN  37916

Please allow us 5 business days for delivery.


and remember, your purchase is tax-deductible.

Pics from our FIF/Beardsley Planting Party

Posted on Mar 14, 2011

February 19th

The first Food in The Fort seeds are planted!








We LOVE Beardsley Farms!






We had such a great turn out from the community.























Into the green house for some planting.









Beardlsey is greening up - you can feel Spring is almost here.













Receiving our instructions from Rachel.








Party Hats for our new FIF Interns, Caitlin, Shannon and Lauren.


Help with Food in The Fort Lunches

Posted on Jan 10, 2011

My name is Jess Wilkins. I'm the new girl at Food in the Fort and will be assisting Eddie Young in coordinating our gardens and leading the Food in the Fort lunches.  Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month Food in the Fort hosts a lunch for our homeless and low-income families in the community. This year, however, we are trying to doing a bit more than just feed our friends.

Our goal is to try and make Wednesday lunches a time to look forward to by treating it not only as a lunch, but a special experience, much like when you go out to a restaurant. To turn Wednesdays into such a thing, we have decided to expand our menu and our dining experience.  We will be serving meals such as paella, chicken artichoke pasta with rosemary, and fish tacos just to name a few. We will also set our tables with a vase of flowers or set of candles for a little ambiance. We will be ridding ourselves of paper plates/cup and plastic cutlery, not only because these things add to landfills but because real dishes and glasses and silverware just feel nicer, better, more dignified.

And the point is....(drum roll please)....Food in the Fort is looking for donations. We need used or new table clothes (to fit a large rectangular table), dishes, bowls, serving wear, silverware, glasses, vases and a CD Player. If you do not have any of these things but would like to make a donation you can do so via PayPal on this websit, or by designating your check to

Redeeming Hope Ministries, 1642 Highland Ave Knoxville, TN  37916

If you do have things you would like to donate please bring them by Redeemer and we will be happy to accept them. Our next lunch is this Wednesday, January 12th. This is not a deadline; we will happily accept all donations after this date, but are hoping to acquire most donations as soon as possible.  To help you know how to contribute, we normally plan on anywhere from 30-50 guests.

Thank you for all your continued support and prayers.
Jess Wilkins ( .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Redeeming Hope Ministries
Food in the Fort Gardens Coordinator

Christmastime Food in the Fort

Posted on Dec 23, 2010


Christmas cheer was spread on this freezing winter morning when over 100 people came to the Christmas Food in the Fort, of which about 35 were homeless. We were able to serve turkey, fresh venison, and holiday sides. Warm winter clothing was also given out along with toys for all the kids. Smiles were spread and spirits were raised through this simple time of fellowship and food.



Housewarming for Greg and Renarda

Posted on Nov 28, 2010

It's so nice to see a wonderful couple like this finally enjoy the comfort and security of their own place!  Greg and Renarda welcomed a few friends over on Sunday to share their new home.

Gifts for the kitchen, bathroom and livingroom...

A little refreshment for a couple of partners in crime, lol!

Greg's excited about the oven!  He says he does most of the cooking, we'll see.

Never trust a guy to pull off a housewarming... a few of the women who made it all happen...


Soon the Whitfield's will celebrate thier first Christmas in thier own home, and we hope and pray that it will be the first of many more to follow.


The Amplifier Launches

Posted on Nov 19, 2010

David Blankenbeckler's photo from the Metro Pulse

Hours and hours of hard work by a very dedicated volunteer staff, culminated Friday evening as...

...Amplifier vendors hit the streets of downtown Knoxville determined to launch the paper that will tell their stories.

Thanks for ‘Raising Your Glass’ with us!

Posted on Sep 23, 2010

We hope that those of you who were able to attend our Wine Tasting had as much fun as we had putting it on!

We're already looking forward to next year's.

The S&W Grand was amazing!  Beautiful space, delicious foods and first class service.

The Robyn James Trio!  Fabulous music to drink wine to...

Thanks to our servers... you made our evening so enjoyable.

Our local artist donations were fabulous.

Hope to see you next year!

Greg and Renarda are getting into housing!

Posted on Sep 20, 2010

This Wednesday, Greg and Renarda sign the lease on their new apartment!

Greg and Renara are some of our most faithful volunteers - Greg is known for his turnip greens, not his athleticism grin

they will no longer be numbered among Knoxville's homeless.

Only weeks away… The Amp!

Posted on Aug 21, 2010

Ever know what it's like to listen to a converstation about you, while you're in the room, and as if your weren't there?  Well, our homeless friends and neighbors are finally getting the opportunity to contribute to the conversations regarding their plight. 

Prepare to hear their voices and the voices of those who support and advocate for them on a local, national and global scale.  Hear their stories, meet the person behind the face.  Watch for Knoxville’s street paper – The Amplifier, to come out soon!  When you support our vendors, you support their voice and provide them with a dignified way to earn an income.

Welcome to Redeeming Hope Ministry’s New Website!

Posted on Aug 21, 2010

Welcome… a place to learn and get involved.

The culmination of months of work, we are happy to present the new online home of Redeeming Hope Ministires. Our hope is that this site will facilitate a better understanding of the work of Redeeming Hope, as we strive to fulfill our mission of holistic transformation for the underprivileged adnd homeless of urban Knoxville.

We invite you to take a look and around and check back often, as we will continually update the site with upcoming news and events. We'll also keep you up to date with current ministry needs and opportunities to get involved. Be sure to also check out our blog for a closer look at the ins and outs of Redeeming Hope.

Lastly, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions you might have as you get acquainted with the site.

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