How to Help

How to Help

You can help in a number of ways...


According to your time and energy, we'd love to plug you into an area where you can make a difference in the lives of Knoxville's underprivileged and homeless.  Find out more at Get Involved.

Resources and Materials

If it's not time that you have, and many of us don't, you may be able to help supply resources, and items needed.  Look to Current Needs.  This is Redeeming Hope's 'bulletin board' where you can explore specific ways that you can help provide the more tangible items that keep us going and growing.


Redeeming Hope operates solely on donations from people like you.  We would love for you to consider becoming one of our 'thoughtful donors.' 

Just like our approach to the friends we work with, we want to develope a meaningful relationship with our donors.  We want you to feel engaged, and significant.  We want you to know that your funding gifts are the foundation to our ministry.  If you want to consider giving to the life-blood of Redeeming Hope, please visit Give Funds to find out more.