Food in the Fort Gardens

The Gardens

The most primitive connection of people


Farming, and gardening, is the most primitive connection of people to their land and is the first occupation. We approach gardening as a redemptive activity, both as a way to feed our community and help sustain our broader efforts financially. Our model consists of two specific gardening methods, traditional row-cropping and small-scale urban, that will be incorporated in two distinct plots in the area.The bulk of the work ahead, and measure of success, will depend upon maintaining and harvesting at the end of the season.

FIF and Beardsley Farms

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be hard to come by for anyone, but if you happen to be homeless or underprivileged they are nearly impossible to get. Food in The Fort and Beardsley Community Farm wants to change that. Located in Mechanicsville, Beardsley is an urban farm demonstration co-op. They were given a $30,000 grant by Dow Chemical Company this past January to help strengthen their partnership with FIF. Thanks to this grant, Beardsley has been able to start the addition of 30 fruit trees, 7 garden beds, and 10 berry beds, the produce of which will go directly to FIF- and more of the grant money will go towards providing FIF with more freezers and refrigerators to preserve extra produce.

Urban Gardening

At this moment, we are also establishing contact with the Knox County Health Department's community gardening effort to connect their program to our neighborhood. We anticipate using a cooperative model which uses the best practices for determining siting, design, materials, and management. Food in the Fort will match participating families to garden plots, and facilitate learning-by-doing with local expertise. This interactive approach gives our community an opportunity to have ownership over individual plots and increase greater relationship building.