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Food in the Fort

The gateway service to RHM is Food in The Fort


Food in The Fort distributes groceries to the underprivileged and homeless of urban Knoxville. Our partnerships with Panera Bread and Second Harvest Food Bank allow us to provide our neighbors with about a $75.00 value every two weeks of the month. Our objective is to relieve hunger in our community as well as promoting stability by allowing more funds to be devoted to housing costs.


Food in The Fort becomes a producer of foods. Our neighbors begin working the Beardsley Farms gardens - participating in the process of planting to harvest as well as from cooking to freezing. This process fuels the cycle of participants turning and becoming part of the distribution that leads to further participation. Gardening is approached as a redemptive activity, both as a way to feed our community with the best the earth has to offer, but also as a means to inspire enriched and expanded relationships through sharing work and meals.


Food in The Fort not only opens the doors of access to fresh, locally grown produce, but mentors our neighbors towards leadership of their own solutions and providing them with tools to address the disparities within our food systems and within society at large.

When and Where
  • Every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays.
  • The day begins at 8.30 with set up and preparation.
  • Our neighbors are welcomed in at 9.30 for continental breakfast.
  • Shopping begins at 10.00 and runs until 12.00.
  • Our neighbors choose from an assortment of healthy staple items along with the fresh produce from the gardens.

Interspersed through the morning are demonstrations on how to prepare simple, healthy dishes from the fresh produce. Our neighbors are provided with a taste of the week's dish, a recipe card, and the items they'll need to enjoy at home. Volunteers are welcome to come at any time, and for any length of time that fits their schedule.  

  • Every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.
  • We gather in the lower halls at 11.30.
  • From 12.00 to 1.00, we enjoy a meal prepared by our neighborhood friends incorporating the garden produce.

This is another excellent opportunity to promote a healthy diet while nourishing friendships and community. Volunteers are welcome to come assist in the meal preparation, or to come and break bread with us as our guests.