Faces of Redeeming Hope


Redeeming Hope asserts that no one should be denied access to the fundamental needs of life because of social displacement or economic poverty.

Redeeming Hope provides access to and pursues empowerment in areas  of

food justice

personal and aesthetic expression

physical wellness

economic and educational advancement

spiritual growth

and genuine friendship

redeeming hope is committed to opening doors in the pursuit of holistic care and empowerment for the severely underprivileged and homeless in our community.

Everything done through Redeeming Hope Ministries is built on the foundation of genuine, mentoring relationships.
food in the fort

food in the fort feeds the hungry, provides access to fresh local produce combining
demonstration courses on how to prepare healty meals, and engages our friends in
the process of urban community gardening - practising seed to table concepts.

the amplifier

the amplifier is knoxville's street paper. the amp exists to give voice and economic
opportunity to those living beyond the margins of our community and to address the
social issues that affect them.


exposure to the visual and performing arts. opportunities to experience the
satisfaction in creating and the healing that comes through artistic expression.

case management

combining talent, expertise and care in helping to clear hurdles and advancing our
friends through social services towards the stability of housing.

spiritual growth

without the pressure of receiving proselytizing as a prerequisite, Redeeming Hope
offers and provides pastoral care and spiritual guidance in and throughout our
mentoring relationships.


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