About Us

A little history...

Redeeming Hope is grassroots, and very young
An organic effort

Led by now Executive Director Eddie Young, Redeeming Hope began as an organic effort through a combination of members of Redeemer Church of Knoxville and students with the University of Tennessee.  Located in the shadow of the University, the Fort Sanders neighborhood has been a home for some of the most radically underprivileged and transient homeless of Knoxville. 

A broader spectrum

As a pastor and Director of Holistics with Redeemer, Eddie sought to create a structure that would invite a broader spectrum of volunteers and funding.  RHM was established as an offical 501c3 in 2009 and although adding this much needed structure, we continue to operate in a very personal, organic and grassroots way.

Mentoring friendships

Redeeming Hope began by allowing the dreams and needs of our friends to find expression through intimate and intentional dialogue that happens best when we can become truly transparent with one another.

As a result of  this on-going genuine conversation between friends, mentoring becomes the primary way through which lives gain traction in real change.  No one is our ‘client.’  No one is the ‘object of our ministry.’  We don’t throw services at our friends and hope they’ll stick.  We take up the long road and acknowledge the mutual healing that comes through the spiritual and physical sharing in community.

Success stories

Everyone loves success stories.  However, success is defined and measured in a number of different ways.  We have seen our friends find meaningful employment, secure housing, engage in furthering their education, but these things can come and go without true holistic change and healing. 

Redeeming Hope certainly pursues economic, educational and physical advancements, but places as much, and even more value on the advancements in the spiritual, emotional, and relational facets of life.  Without this holistic approach, we would assert that the former remains shallow at best and empty of any deep and lasting fulfillment.

Redeeming Hope continues to develop relationships through which we look for holistic change.  However, change only comes to the degree that change is desired.  We don’t cut off relations based on the level or speed with which friends of Redeeming Hope respond,  but there is a spiral of intimacy and determination at the center of which we witness and experience the best moves forward.